Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Third Coast Sounds

Every Sunday morning I have a set routine. Wake up, brush teeth, feed Dayla, turn on KSYM as loud as it will go on my stereo and get ready for church. Every Sunday from 9-noon, the local San Antonio College radio station plays Beatles songs. I love it and there's no better way to start the week, I'm fully convinced.

And "Beatles Sunday Morning" isn't the only reason I love this station. They devote hours of airtime to offbeat and non-mainstream rock, bluegrass, tejano, jazz, techno, country, blues, and many more.

I love hearing a broad and unedited array of songs that won't ever be considered for Billboard. It's exciting for the SA music community, and there are often neat features of unheard local talent. Listen online at http://www.accd.edu/sAC/ksym/index.htm

I never know what I'm gonna get, and that makes me happy. For example the other night, they played the "Labyrinth" soundtrack in its entirety......and then again in Italian. God bless David Bowie and all the other musically inclined weirdos out there in the world.

KSYM 90.1 FM makes me happy.

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  1. You need to post a link so us unfortunates who don't live in SA can listen in on the good sounds. http://www.accd.edu/sAC/ksym/index.htm