Monday, December 7, 2009

Muy Delicioso

As a kid, I always enjoyed the simple pleasure of a pouch of Swiss Miss with little dehydrated marshmallows, microwaved with tap water to produce a steaming mug of hot chocolate. From time to time, however, when we had more than three minutes of patience pent up, my family would make Mexican hot chocolate, which is divine. Cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa combine to make one of my very favorite beverages. Whisking the milk and cocoa together over a low flame until it reaches a thick and frothy consistency is essential. Infused with strong spices and rich flavors, it is decadence in a coffee mug. Mmmmmm, so tasty and perfect for chilly weather.
Mexican hot chocolate makes me happy.

O Tannenbaum!

Every year, I count down the days until it is socially acceptable to hang all of my Christmas decorations. This is unquestionably my favorite season, and I get so excited to "deck the halls"! While my living quarters are quite limited, I still manage to make room for the essential decor. The Christmas tree is definitely the most fun to see erected and dripping with sparkling, glowing ornaments. While it is small and artificial, my tree is still a beauty and full of memories of past holiday seasons.

My Christmas tree makes me happy!